About Us

We are a small team of two software engineers with a strong passion for developing mobile, macOS, and web applications. Our enthusiasm doesn't stop at software creation, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and contributing to the growth of the tech ecosystem.

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Natalia Panferova

I've worked in startups and large companies across Europe and New Zealand, building web and mobile applications. Before joining Nil Coalescing, I was part of the core SwiftUI team at Apple, where I focused on designing and building SwiftUI APIs. I enjoy working with Swift and am passionate about sharing my iOS development knowledge with the community. I also write books specifically tailored for experienced Swift developers.

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Matthaus Woolard

I started my engineering career in data science and then moved into backend development. I like to experiment with real-time server protocols using Python and Swift. I also enjoy building mobile and macOS applications and developer tools.