About Us

We are a small team of two software engineers passionate about building apps and sharing what we learn in the process.

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Natalia Panferova

I worked in companies in Europe and in New Zealand building web and mobile applications. Before joining Nil Coalescing I was designing and building SwiftUI APIs as a member of the core SwiftUI team at Apple. I enjoy working with Swift and sharing my iOS development knowledge with the community. I also recently wrote a book Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit Apps that covers a variety of ways to add SwiftUI to an existing UIKit project and offers many tips to avoid common issues and mistakes when working with both frameworks at the same time.

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Matthaus Woolard

I started my engineering career in data science and then moved into backend development. I like to experiment with real-time server protocols using Python and Swift. I also enjoy building mobile and macOS applications and developer tools.