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Tired of the same old walking route? Meet Strolly, the ultimate app for anyone who loves to walk but craves variety. Designed for the curious and adventurous, Strolly generates unique, random looping walks in your area, bringing fresh experiences to your routine.

Screenshot of Strolly searching for paths.Screenshot of Strolly searching for paths.

Daily Fresh RoutesDiscover new paths every day, right in your neighborhood. Say goodbye to repetitive walks and hello to fresh adventures.

On-Device PathfindingStrolly uses Apple's secure mapping and location services, ensuring your personal data stays private.

Customizable WalksGet up to three different walk suggestions each day and personalize your experience by flagging segments to avoid and changing your starting point.

Effortless ExplorationNo need to plan your routes. Simply open the app, pick a walk, and start exploring.

Screenshot of Strolly showing settings sheet.Screenshot of Strolly showing settings sheet.