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Customize the style of links embedded in Text

Since iOS 15 and macOS 12 we can embed links inside Text views in SwiftUI using Markdown or AttributedString.

There are a few different ways we can customize the visual appearance of such links.

To change the color of links in the entire Text view we can use tint() modifier.

Text("Visit our [website](https://example.com).")

We can also apply some customizations using Text modifiers and Text interpolation.

Text("Visit our \(Text("[website](https://example.com)").underline()).")

Note, that we can't change foreground color of the link by applying foregroundColor() modifier to the interpolated Text.

We can, however, construct our Text view with an AttributedString, which will allow us to apply various styles on per-link basis, including foreground color.

struct ContentView: View {
    var attributedString: AttributedString {
        var result = AttributedString("Visit our website.")
        // We can force unwrap the link range,
        // because we are sure in this case,
        // that `website` string is present.
        let linkRange = result.range(of: "website")!
        result[linkRange].link = URL(string: "https://example.com")
        result[linkRange].underlineStyle = Text.LineStyle(pattern: .dash)
        result[linkRange].foregroundColor = .purple
        return result
    var body: some View {
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