WWDC22: Provide feedback to Apple and get your questions answered

WWDC 2022 is fast approaching, and we are all excited to try out new APIs. As we experiment, we might have questions or find bugs in the updated frameworks. We should consider providing feedback to Apple when it happens, so that framework engineers have time to fix those issues and improve the APIs before the OS release.

It's important to provide our feedback in a constructive way and keep in mind that Apple engineers have been working really hard on these APIs for us to enjoy.

In this post I would like to go over different ways that we can provide feedback to Apple and get our questions answered during WWDC.

# Feedback Assistant

The best way to report a bug, crash or unexpected behavior for an API is through Feedback Assistant. It's the official tool Apple uses to track bug reports from developers.

It's important to choose the right area the report belongs to and add as much information as possible in the report.

If you can, try to attach a small sample project that reproduces the issue. It will be very helpful for Apple engineers and might reduce the time they spend on investigating and fixing the issue.

Don't worry if other developers have already reported a similar issue. The number of duplicates shows how important and urgent the issue is and how many developers are affected.

Not all feedback reports will get fixed, but by filing ours as early as possible we can maximize the chances they get prioritized and addressed in time.

We can also file feedback for improvements and additions to the APIs. In this case, try to describe the use cases in which these additions would be useful and why.

# Apple Developer Forums

If we have specific coding questions, we can post them on Apple Developer Forums.

Technical support engineers and other experts from Apple and wider community will be looking through the forums and giving answers.

We can also answer questions from other developers if we are able to help.

# Lab Appointments

To get personalized assistance from Apple experts we can book one-on-one lab appointments.

During the lab we can ask any questions that we have about new or old APIs. Usually for online labs, we need to prepare those questions in advance and submit them during the booking. This way Apple can ensure that we are connected with the right experts for the questions.

Sometimes it can be difficult to secure a lab appointment. Last year SwiftUI labs were extremely overbooked. In this case, we can try to check if any other available teams would be able to answer our questions, for example, if we are having issues with text components in our app, then the text team might also be able to help out.

# Digital Lounges

Last year at WWDC 2021 Apple introduced a new format to interact with Apple engineers, and looks like this year Digital Lounges are back.

Last WWDC I was working for Apple and got to participate in Digital Lounges as an Apple engineer. I thought they were great! We got to interact with developers in a more informal way and developers got to ask a lot of questions.

There were different events organized in Slack where we could discuss specific WWDC sessions, take part in community ice-breakers and just chat.

I'm excited to participate in Digital Lounges this year from the other side and ask questions this time as a developer.

# Twitter

Twitter usually gets very lively during WWDC week. There, we can post about our first impressions about Keynote, Platforms State of the Union, WWDC sessions and everything new that we discover.

There will be many Apple engineers active on Twitter during WWDC looking for questions and feedback and eager to help. There will also be other developers excited to share their own thoughts.

I hope we all enjoy this upcoming WWDC in the best way we can, share and learn from each other and have fun!