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Check out the latest news from our team, such as recent app and book releases as well as conference talks and presentations we did.

9 May 2024
Swift Gems book banner

Swift Gems book release

Natalia Panferova published a book with a large collection of advanced Swift tips and techniques gathered and tested over the years, tailored for experienced developers. All techniques covered in the book are focused on Swift language and Swift Standard Library, so they can be applied to any platform, from iOS and macOS to Swift on the server.

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13 April 2024
Screenshot of the first slide of Blogging Your Way To Success In Tech presentation

Code Camp Wellington

Natalia Panferova spoke at the Code Camp Wellington conference, where she discussed her experiences with technical blogging. In her talk, she highlighted how maintaining a technical blog can lead to significant career opportunities. Natalia also offered practical advice on how to start and manage a successful tech blog. Although her presentation was not recorded, the slides are available for those interested in learning more about her insights.

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10 December 2023
The Mayank Show episode banner

The Mayank Show

Natalia Panferova was invited by Mayank Gupta on his YouTube show. They had a great discussion about starting and progressing a career in tech, creating content for developers, working on iOS apps and more.

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25 July 2023
iOS Dev Podcast episode banner

The iOS Dev Podcast

Natalia Panferova joined Jason Dubon to talk about her journey as an iOS developer, her previous role on the SwiftUI team at Apple and her current projects.

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9 May 2023
YouTube video thumbnail image with Natalia

Vincent Pradeilles YouTube channel

Natalia Panferova returned to Vincent Pradeilles's YouTube channel to talk about SwiftUI. This time she shared tips on how to take the full advantage of the SwiftUI text APIs.

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8 March 2023
Apple Treats podcast episode banner

Apple Treats podcast

Natalia Panferova was invited to the Apple Treats podcast on the International Women's Day to talk about her work, SwiftUI and the iOS developer community.

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5 Feb 2023
AppForce1 podcast episode banner

AppForce1 podcast

Natalia Panferova talked to Jeroen Leenarts about how she got into iOS development, her recent work at Apple and at Nil Coalescing, as well as her book on integrating SwiftUI into UIKit apps.

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20 December 2022
Screenshots in iPad and iPhone frames with drawings made in Exsto

Exsto app release

Natalia Panferova and Matthaus Woolard released a drawing app for iPad called Exsto. It provides an unconventional approach to sketching via a set of simple tools that let you produce impressive digital art even if you don't consider yourself an artist. The drawings made in Exsto are always unique thanks to its special fluid brush.

9 November 2022
YouTube video thumbnail image with Natalia and her dog

Vincent Pradeilles YouTube channel

Natalia Panferova joined Vincent Pradeilles to talk about modal presentations in SwiftUI on his Youtube channel. She shared tips on how to set a color scheme for a sheet or popover, how to show multiple sheets at once, and how to to present a bottom sheet with new iOS 16 APIs.

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14 September 2022
Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit Apps book banner

Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit Apps book release

Natalia Panferova published a detailed guide describing a variety of ways to integrate SwiftUI into applications built with UIKit. It includes ways to use Swift Charts inside UIKit apps as well as adding new iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets. Prior SwiftUI knowledge is not required as the introductory chapter covers the most important concepts of the framework.

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7 September 2022
Screenshot of the first slide of Mysteries of SwiftUI Text view presentation


Natalia Panferova did a remote online presentation for iOSDevUK where she talked about lesser known aspects of working with Text in SwiftUI. The video of the talk called "Mysteries of SwiftUI Text view" is available on YouTube.

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13 August 2022
Women Who Code banner for integrating SwiftUI into a UIKit app talk

Women Who Code Mobile Summit

Natalia Panferova gave a talk on how to start integrating SwiftUI into a UIKit app at the Women Who Code Mobile summit that took place on July 27. You can watch the recording of her presentation on YouTube.

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11 Jul 2022
Swift by Sundell podcast episode banner

Swift by Sundell podcast

Natalia Panferova joined John Sundell on his podcast to discuss latest updates to the SwiftUI framework from WWDC22. She also talked to John about her experience working on the SwiftUI team at Apple and about building applications for Apple platforms.

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6 Jul 2022
Screenshot of sketch notes for Swift WWDC22 announcements blog

Natalia Panferova and Matthaus Woolard co-authored an article about Swift language announcements from WWDC22 that was published on the official blog. The post is accompanied by a beautiful sketch note from an iOS developer at Spotify Feli Bernutz.

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